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Residential Locksmith Services

There are a thousand things to do when you move into a new home, but make sure that a re-key is at the top of your list. You are probably not the only person walking around with keys to your home! Previous residents and service providers who worked for previous residents may have copies as well.

Of course, closing on that great new home is not the only reason why you might need or want a residential re-key. Are you in the middle of a divorce? Did you just kick out one of your roommates or tenants?

Lock Repair and Replacement

Locks go bad just like any other piece of equipment does. Have you been struggling with a sticky lock lately? Do you find you have to yank at the door or jiggle the key to get the door locked or unlocked?

These are signs of a lock that’s ready to give out. If you don’t get the lock repaired soon then you’re going to find yourself unable to lock or unlock your door at the worst possible time. Fortunately, Access Lock and Key can help when your locks get jammed or busted.

Commercial Key Security

It only takes one disgruntled former employee to cause thousands of dollars of damage at your business location. Your insurance may cover theft or vandalism, but it won’t necessarily cover the costs of the disruption. Key security is a business necessity.

Call Access Lock and Key if you’ve recently fired any key holding employee, or if keys ever go unaccounted for.

Automotive Lock and Key Replacement

Your car becomes a useless piece of metal when you lose the keys. You may be feeling frustrated, scared, and stressed when this happens. You may have tried to hot wire your own car, or to start it up with a screwdriver, only to learn that these measures simply don’t work on modern cars. In many cases there’s a special microchip embedded in your keys. The car simply refuses to start if you don’t have that chip with you.

Access Lock and key can save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t call the towing company, haggle with the dealership, and argue about your warranty. Just call Access Lock and Key. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

Lockout Emergency Services

Did you lock your keys in your car? Did you break your house key right in the lock? Access Lock and Key can cover these sticky situations for you. Call night or day. I’ll travel right to your location in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs or Morrisville, and I’m available 7 days a week.