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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is it that locksmiths do?

As locksmiths, we can do anything and everything associated with locks, keys, and safes. But most commonly we are called upon to assist with lockouts, re-keying, repairs, and duplicating keys. We also do substantial amounts of work with commercial locks, residential locks, electric locks and transponder keys for vehicles.

What is re-keying a lock?

When we re-key a lock we replace the pins inside, also called tumblers, so that you can use a new set of keys and discard your old ones. This is more affordable and quicker than replacing an entire lock.

Why would someone re-key a lock?

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider re-keying your lock. When you purchase a new home or business you will definitely want new keys. By re-keying, you can achieve this without having to change the entire lock. That way you can feel secure knowing exactly how many people have keys to your property. Another reason for re-keying would be if you have had any type of staff turnover. You want to feel secure and confident knowing that they won't return and be able to use their old key. And of course, you would want to re-key your lock if your keys have been lost or stolen.

When is it time for you to buy new locks?

It is time to buy new locks if you want to upgrade your current locks to new higher security locks. Another reason is if your locks are no longer in good working condition. Bear in mind, if you already have good quality locks, we can usually repair them or re-key them without having to replace them.

Can I have multiple locks but use only one key?

Absolutely this is a possibility - and not a bad idea. If all of your locks are manufactured by the same company, they can be keyed alike allowing all of them to take the same single key. It's easy to test if this will work by checking if a single key can be inserted into each lock. If it does fit in each, even if it doesn't turn, then you can have one key for all the locks. But, if the single key doesn't fit inside all of the locks, you'll have to buy new matching locks that are manufactured by the same company.

What is a Master Key, and why would I want one?

The Master Key system - this is a system where you have a group of locks that are all opened individually using their own keys. But they can be opened with a one single Master Key. In order for this system to work, all locks must be either made by the same company or have similar keyholes. If you would like to add more layers of security then the Master Key system offers, we can create other systems for you as well. Other systems include those such as the Grandmaster Key system or the Sub-Master key system.

My car key contains built-in security. Can you make a copy of this type of key?

Yes, most of the time we are able to duplicate this type of car key for you, but not 100% of the time. If you need a duplicate, just give us a call and we can check right then on the phone if we can duplicate yours. All we need to know is the make and model of your car and we will let you know if it's possible for us to make you a copy. And because our prices are so much more affordable than any dealer, it's definitely worth to call and check with us before you make that trip to your dealership.

Does a high-security lock mean that it's a safer lock?

Not always. But, high-security locks are more complex making it harder for an intruder to pick. High-security locks are also great because they are also unable to be bumped - a common lock-picking technique. Because they are harder to be compromised, defeating them is more time-consuming for an intruder. And because intruders are looking for a quick in-and-out in order to avoid being noticed, high-security locks are a great deterrent. When intruders see that you have this type of lock, usually they will move on to a new and easier target.

Are we able to cut a key using a code number that's on your lock?

Yes, most of the time locksmiths are able to cut a key using the code on the lock. In fact, we commonly do this with things like padlocks, filing cabinets, and vehicles - it is usually not a problem. Although unfortunately, we are unable to do this using a VIN number off of a vehicle.

I lost my keys, what do I do now?

If you lost your keys, no worries, just give us a call. Here at Access Lock and Key, we can cut you new keys for almost every different type of lock. This would include home locks, business locks, and even some automobiles locks.

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